Those who fight

Erenland Gazetteer 2

Murder! Madness! Mayhem! When will the horror end??

Hot on the heels of our troubles at the guild of weavers and before any justice could be brought against Garth Moorstoop’s killers The Bluff erupted in unparalleled violence on the day of The Prince’s birthday!

Sources from inside The Temple have it that a resistance cell, united under the banner of “Dross “The Boss” Shetland”, were responsible for the chaos caused last Thursday! These resistance fighters were to be arrested but turned tail and charged into the thronging streets. These stories of “The Boss” were later confirmed when Horik Bellard unveiled a tapestry for the prince which had been defaced by the same group.

Marl Hogsworth, A local butcher, described the terrifying scene as the rebels charged through his business pursued by the city watch.

“Well I heard this commotion down in the yard, there was chickens squarking and people shouting and pigs squealing…I look out my window and catch sight of three goblins dashing under the pig bridge, that’s what we call the brige we move the pigs on, and then four or five fellas and maybe a lady chasing them…I swear I saw one of them punt Old Samos, my prize winning rooster! But then these bastards stop and come back and they knock down my pig bridge!! Oh you should have heard the noise, all those hogs with broken trotters…”

The last time they were seen they were leaving town on a stolen wagon and there have been no leads to their whereabouts since. Little is known about the identity of these blackguards but one of the bodies found at the arrest site matched the description of those who attacked the guild of weavers.

One thing is for sure, these dangerous folk are still on the loose and this reporter now plans to take to the trail and track their movements! With my trusty steed and my quill and parchment I will send weekly dispatches back to the offices of The Erenland Gazetteer for you, the good citizens of Erenland, to remain informed.

This is Edmond Edmondson, roving reporter for the Erenland Gazetteer, signing off.


HAHAHA Samos! Gold LOL

Erenland Gazetteer 2

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