Those who fight

Erenland Gazetter

The streets are not safe!!

Murder! Vicious killers stalk the streets of Badens Bluff!

Last night the watch came upon a most disturbing scene outside the weavers guild house. Six men have been found murdered in what is being described as a drunken altercation by the authorities but this journalist has seen the carnage first hand and believes that foul play is at hand! A witness has described the violence as extraordinary, six armed and tough guardsmen taken apart by half their number. The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he would have raised the alert sooner but was terrified that if he showed himself he would soon find himself amongst the dead.

Old Garth Moorstoop was among the murdered, found opened from navel to sternum by a vicious knife wound. Due to retire in just a week hence Garth was known to be a friendly and reasonable man, what kind of monster would visit such violence upon a well loved member of the community such as him? If those who perpetrated this heinous crime are reading this, know that Garth’s widow weeps for your actions.

Who indeed is responsible for these deaths? What was there for them to gain from this butchery? Nothing has been found amiss in the guild house and thus it seems to point to personal vengeance or perhaps the work of some criminal gang bent on anarchy. Or perhaps misdirected resistance reprisal killings?

Witnesses describe the three assailants as men as of most unwholesome appearance. A grim, scarred fellow carrying a knife and smile like an open wound. A burly, sackcloth clothed ruffian wielding a chair leg and a lanky fellow in bright minstrels tights and a ridiculous three tiered hat who was wielding a whip.

If you know anybody who matches these descriptions go at once to the watch as the sooner they are arrested and brought to justice the sooner we will all be safe.

This is Edmond Eddmondson of the Erenland Gazetter signing off.


Hilarious stuff… foolish old Garth Moorstoop, should’ve just left it alone :P

Erenland Gazetter

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