Those who fight


Crown of Shadow Campaign – Dross, Narcissa, Daedradys and Evana

Successfully navigated the continent, survived an attack by the Legate Jael, and delivered the scroll containing important information (the process to smelt and forge Mithraal) to Aradil, the Witch Queen of Erethor.

Iron top – Dross, Narcissa, Daedradys, Evana, Xan and Chompers

The party saved the villagers of Romsey and the Halflings of Iron Top from the hands of the Orc commander Barrak the Scarred. They succeeded in cleaning out the mines below the old Dwarven forge of Iron Top and have turned it into a rare haven and smithy. After fighting a tactical retreat through the hills near Romsey, killing scores of Orcs as they went, the party and their Halfling allies fought a pitched, do-or-die battle, against the remaining enemy. However, when they brought down a cliff face on Barrak and his legion they unwittingly unleashed a powerful force which had been trapped in the mountain aeons ago.

The Library and Polaliel – Dross, Narcissa, Daedradys, Evana, Xan and Chompers (and introducing Ayla)

The party were tasked by Kol Anarch of the Wardens of Erenland to find an ancient library somewhere in the region of the Ardune lake, rumored to be in the city of Mithleen. They also hoped to find knowledge there which would lead to information on whatever it was they had released and help them contain it.

However after Daedradys and, later, Ghompers were captured by the forces of Sanhoori, the party became lost and had little hope of finding their way to their missing friends. Since their departure Xan had suffered painful headaches which always accompanied a strange voice in his head, this voice offered him information on the location of their friends. Using these directions they managed to free both Farstride and Gumbleton as well as the strange barbarian girl, Ayla. This rescue attempt was not without cost however, with Evana falling to the enemy under overwhelming numbers, and presumed slain.

Pressing on with their mission, the party discovered the whereabouts of the Library after making a deal with the vampire, Matthias. They managed to get into the Library and discover the books they sought before barely escaping alive after being attacked once more by the implacable Sanhoori and her minions. In the ensuing fight, the spirit offered Xan a deal, his strength for assistance and it manifested physically to aid their retreat. During their escape, in an attempt to kill Sanhoori once and for all, the party tripped a trap, flooding the Library and, apparently, drowning all within.

Escaping from Mithleen with their prizes, the party encountered Matthias and his spawn, and gave him the information he sought. In the following weeks, the spirit which had provided such ready assistance so far revealed itself to be the same as which they freed in the Kaldrun Moutains, the outsider Polaliel. It beseeched them to undertake a spirit journey so it could communicate with them more easily. In this journey it asked them to find a suitable vessel for it to possess, in return for ancient knowledge of the arcane. This vessel was a young girl, who would become a powerful channeler whom Polaliel could share bodies and help to protect her from The Shadows hounds. Assuming the guise of servants of the Shadow, the party removed the girl from her village and traveled with her, deep into the Ashenfeld, a harsh and dangerous place warped by magical energies. There Dross began a ritual to install the spirit of Polaliel into its new vessel.

However while this ritual was taking place, the tenacious Sister Legate Sanhoori, attacked the party once more, under the cover of both natural and magical darkness. A frantic battle followed, in which Ghompers took revenge for the torture he suffered at Sanhoori’s hands, ambushing the Legate and shooting her with an envenomed cross bolt. Severely weakened by wounds and poison, and with her minions slain or dying, she fell easily to the powerful magics of Dross, who had completed the ritual and returned to assist the party.

With Polaliel once more wreathed in flesh, it began to share his arcane knowledge with Dross, after ensuring that no harm would come to the girl it possessed. The party returned the child to her village and then traveled back to Iron Top, to deliver both knowledge and hope, to the Warden Kol.

After rest and debrief, he then outlined plans for a course of action far beyond anything they had previously undertaken.



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