Those who fight

Session 1 27/02/11

I was trying to knock him out...with my knife.

After weeks of careful planning, subterfuge and restraint the party finally put their plans to defame and shame the Bellard family into action.

After scaring away the famous cook, Christian Rochae, which the Bellard family had hired for their soiree Dross then used his influence to install Chompers as the new cook for the party. Chompers, not daunted by his lack of cooking skills, took command of the kitchen and consummately fouled every dish and took his exit through an upstairs window before he could be held accountable for the possible poisoning of the noblemen and women present.

As the sounds of horror and churning stomachs reached into the night Narcissa took her chance and slipped into the Bellard mansion to collect evidence of some of the families dirty dealings. However, her search was cut short when she ran into Karl Haymaan on a similar mission from the Avenging Knives. Karl had taken the distraction the dinner party provided as a chance to steal vital information from the legate Isiah Forstall’s room in the mansion but he ran afoul of Forstall’s astirax and was on the verge of death when Narcissa found him. He thrust the stolen journal pages into her hand and with his dying breath bid her take them to Jen Alamasi.

Chompers and Narcissa then proceeded to track down the Avenging Knives leader Jen in the sewers beneath the bluff and after almost being torn apart by the filth encrusted Fell which inhabit the underground they passed on the information contained in the crumpled journal pages. It revealed that Isiah Forstall had come to Erenland to hunt down a renegade legate who goes by the pseudonym “The Hunter”

The next phase of their plan saw the party locating and then attempting to steal or at least deface the great tapestry which the Bellards had commissioned for the prince. A monumental work, it showed the prince as the rightful heir to the seat of Baden’s Bluff. In an attempt to draw the guards away, Lance and the other Travesse retainers assisting the party picked a fight with the guards at the warehouse. This escalated out of hand when one guard, in a desperate attempt to defend himself, pulled a dagger and seconds later Elriks’s filleting knife was dripping with red gore and all six guards lay dead or dying on the ground. Needless to say Narcissa and Chompers had ample time to deface the tapestry and slip away before more guards arrivied.

Their tasks almost concluded the party have gone to ground to avoid the shadow patrols, now increased in number, however they have yet to find any evidence to implicate the Bellard’s with the attacks on the Travesse caravans. They have little time left as in only two days the tapestry will be shown before the court and over The Prince’s own name, "Dross “The Boss” Shetland" is now crudely painted.


Luckily I am somewhat literate ;p

Session 1 27/02/11

Invest 1 skill point on your next level up towards gaining literacy in Erenlander… always handy to be able to read and write and besides you must be getting heaps of skill points per level.

Session 1 27/02/11

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