Those who fight

Session 2 22/4/2011

Why does it Dross when I pee?

With all their goals accomplished and the tapestry about to be unveiled at the prince’s birthday party Dross, Chompers and Narcissa chose this time to make their escape.

Turning to Harald Travesse for assistance he readily gave them a way out of The Bluff, not wanting their names to be linked to his when everything went awry, or at least so he said.

However, Erik the Travesse retainer, had ascertained their true identities and had gone to his master and the legates with the information. He was instructed to bring the party to a warehouse owned by the Travesse family, under the guise of them joining a wagon train soon to leave the city and here they would be apprehended and brought to Izrador’s justice.

Erik’s plan did not pan out as he expected, his attempt to implicate The Bellard family with the parties activities was noticed by Isiah Forstall a legate and cousin of The Bellards. He took over control of the investigation and went to Harald who chose to cut Erik loose to save his own skin.

The arrest failed when Erik snapped, cornered and hopeless his street fighting instincts took control and he launched himself at the enemy. While they were distracted Chompers set fire to the warehouse and the party made good their escape.

As they made the streets they were met by Narcissa and some of her allies from the Avenging Knives and they made a mad dash through the streets to run down three messengers who were dispatched to have the gates locked down. Their actions roused The Drake from its watch atop the keep and soon the streets were cleared as its dark shadow swept over the city. Although there were many civilian casualties luck on their side the party commandeered a wagon and took to the country.

From here they set out for Rill, a small troubled town in the south east of Erenland. Here they found Ayla in the care of Goss, a Warden of Erenland dispatched to make contact with the party and meet with an important elven emissary. Locating the elves was easy as they found the party first and soon Abraxis Quickblade joined the group. After a brief scuffle with Oren, a local brigand and alchemist, which resulted in the death of most of his men. They forced him to no longer supply the town’s people with his addictive alchemical substances.

From here they traveled west, tracking the movements of The Hunter in the hopes of catching up with him and forging an alliance. Their hunt took them through several villages and they found that few were willing to discuss the topic and those that did gave contradictory information. Following information across The Ardune they have tracked the most recent stories to Dorgo’s Dell, a small town above Mithleen. Enroute they encountered a group of twenty Orcish slavers who had a single human captive. Following the party have found a large slaver outpost on the shore and inspection has shown them to have many Halfling slaves.

Now they wait, deciding weather to attack and try and liberate the slaves and the human captive or to forge on and hope that there was nothing important left behind.


Thats right… the orcs and the dude and the halflings. I forgot all about that.

Session 2 22/4/2011

and thats why I created this :)

Session 2 22/4/2011

Good work Timmy :P

Session 2 22/4/2011

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