Those who fight

The Hunter and the hunted... But who's who?

Undertaking their second objective towards lighting the fires of rebellion in Erenland, the party set out to locate and recruit the Hunter, a mysterious ex-legate. His knowledge of the Church and the Shadow’s hierarchy is considerable and should be of great help in taking the fight to the enemy.

However, in joining forces with the Hunter (or is that the other way round?) the party has placed themselves in the path of Legate Redeemer Forstall, a powerful adversary tasked with bringing in the Hunter dead or alive. Knowing that such an enemy will not be deceived for long, our heroes have decided to remove the threat of the Legate Redeemer, proving their integrity to the Hunter and their dedication to the cause, along the way.

To this end, the party has created a (hopefully) adequate ruse, in order to lure Forstall into a (hopefully) adequate ambush. While not exactly a mastermind’s plan, the party hopes it will be sufficient to see the Legate dead so they can turn their full attentions to the Orc Warlord Azgroduk, and the mysterious Master Kerboros.

Now, in the calm before the storm, and as the Shadow’s agents converge on Erenland, our heroes must prepare themselves while they still can. for even if they manage to defeat the Legate Redeemer, in doing so they will have thrown the first punches in what will be the fight of the century.



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