Those who fight

Victory, but what now?

Through hard fighting the party brought down their enemies at the bridge, but they found Isiah was not among them. A quick search revealed that Isiah had gone ahead, with a sizable force of orc’s to root out The Hunter’s main base while the small group dispatched the party.

With haste they set off after Isiah, tired and battered they came upon his trail but saw no sign of a large force moving through the area. Tracking him north The Hunter’s loyal men set a dangerous pace and when the party were exhausted and demanded rest tensions ran high and after a brief argument and a proposal by Fiver to leave Ingham and his friends to their fate the party let them go into the night.

The next morning, picking up their tracks, they soon found that the tracks were split and deciding to follow Isiah instead of Ingham. Soon coming across a strange sight, three bodies hanging from a tree by the coast, the party cautiously passed by this but were ambushed not far along the coast of The Ardune.

Isiah struck hard with his bodyguard, well equipped with enchanted armour which turned away blows and potent weapons which drove the party back, quickly putting them on the back foot. Dross’ magic seemed of little effect and things seemed dire as the party faced a foe tougher than most and only with great skill did Abraxis managed to fell Isiah’s bodyguard, driving his blade through a gap in his armour and rendering his leg useless. Isiah fought on doggedly, driving for Dross even as blows rained down onto him. Out numbered five to one he was brought down and finished.

Strangely there was no sign of the fist of Orcs which were supposed to be with them and perhaps it had all been a trap to lead the party into Isiah’s hands. With Isiah’s death The Hunter agreed to join with our heroes and The Warden’s and seems restless to get back into the action personally.

Now the party will pursue their plans to kill or remove the Orcish General Azgoduk and thus bring chaos to the Shattered Hand’s legion, loosening The Shadows grip on Eastern Erenland and allowing The Wardens to get their men and weapons in place for the people to rise up and the real fight to begin!

Strange stories have reached the party of a group of masked killers acting in the name of “Dross Shetland” attacking orcish patrols, supply trains and even legates in local towns. Usually these attacks left many innocents dead and indeed towns burning. Stranger still, strong magics have been employed in these attacks and they are likely to draw the attention of Legates and perhaps Master Kerberos himself as he still hunts the party. Worse still these attacks are likely to bring reprisals to those villagers who survived the violence and any who survive those wont be likely to support our heroes plans for the future.



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