Erik Bwitzer (SLAIN)

Strange how guttin' a man aint much different than a fish, don't 'cha think?


Lawful Evil



Erik grew up a fishmongers son, he was never very good at it and when he came of age he left his fathers employ to seek means more inline with his nature. He did however take with him was his filleting knife.

Honing his skills in the dark alleys of The Worm Docks he wrought himself a grim reputation. His penchant for violence and his often underestimated intelligence he gained the attention of the Travesse family and was brought on as a retainer. Working hard and often acting on his own instincts and knowledge gathered around the city he proved himself a loyal and valuable asset to the family and was well rewarded for his efforts.

Now acting as Harald’s right hand man, he has been assigned to both work with Dross and Chompers to help them achieve their goals and also to keep an eye on them. Making sure that nothing out of order happens without him knowing about it and taking whatever action he deems necessary to keep the Travesse name clean.

He was killed, recently, after being double crossed by the Legate Isiah Forstall, during the attempted apprehension of Dross Shetland and Ghompers Gumbleton.

Erik Bwitzer (SLAIN)

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