Abraxis Quickblade

Its time we took this fight to the Shadow


Rogue / Fighter / Wildlander
Chaotic Neutral


Intelligent and capable, Abraxis excels as a scout and a hunter. After undertaking training in the elven fighting school at Harancara, Abraxis proved himself a talented knife fighter and went on to hone his skills in combat rotations around Erethor, fighting alongside the wood elves in the Caraheen, the Erunsil in the Veradeen and among his own people in the Aruun. His knowledge of trap craft, healing, herbalism and wilderness lore is considerable, and always made him a welcome addition to the many patrols he joined.

But while such experience has hardened and sharpened the young elf, seeing so much death visited upon his people has driven the warrior close to despair. Even though the elves could present a moderately effective defense to the Shadow’s assaults, Abraxis knew Erethor could not be held forever nor could the Shadow ever be defeated through such a strategy- only by taking the fight to the enemy (and soon) could his people have any hope of surviving.

To this end, he had resolved to leave Erethor. However after he approached the Witch Queen to ask for such permission, she recognized his potential and directed him to help guard and assist one of her Avatars, who was leaving the great forest to act as a liaison between the queen and a small but growing band of rebels in central Erenland.

And even though he has joined the party only recently, he has already proved his worth many times over, lending not only some much needed “steel” to the party but also contributing his skills in counter-tracking and procuring poisons and venoms, while displaying moderate abilities in conventional healing practices.

Now, armed with a new sense of purpose, Abraxis is prepared to aid the rebellion however he can, intending to let nothing stand in the way of its success. And having bloodied his sepi knives over many years in the defense of Erethor, he looks forward to doing so again… this time though, for the liberation of Erenland.

Abraxis Quickblade

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