Ayla "Stout Heart"

I'll hold the line...as long as it holds.


Barbarian 8
Chaotic Neutral


Raised in the wilds of Erenland by a paternally inclined tiger Alya has had little contact with humans. Found by Daedrays when he was imprisoned by the legate Sanhoori and freed when the party liberated them both she has traveled with them since.
Strong and quick, she brings hurt and havoc to a fight. Although this barbarian’s fight or flight instincts are more powerful than her understanding of loyalty or kinship. On more than one occasion she has left them for dead when the chips were down to save her own hide and most recently this contributed to the death of Daedradys and Xan.
Now wounded, exhausted and friendless in a desolate wilderness she may find her days are numbered.

Ayla "Stout Heart"

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