Chompers Gompers "Dead Eye" Gumbleton

A smugler without a ship, a gnome in over his head.


(was Neutral Good) Chaotic Neutral


Originally set out from the Tanglethorn Deeps with a mission to see the party safely to Erenland. Chompers however lost his ship during this mission and found himself working with the party as he had nowhere else to go. The path the group has taken has left Chompers a changed gnome and he finds himself less bothered by his moral qualms as time goes on.
With a glib tongue and all the appearances of having the combat efficiency of a sack of potatoes he can wheedle his way out of most troubling situations and has built quite an effective information network for the party.

However, this underestimation of his combat prowess has left more than one Orc clutching at its stomach with a bolt through the gizzard and due to this steadfast hand the legate Sanhoori was all but defeated.

“Dead Eye” Gumbleton, A feared marksman, deadly with his hand crossbow. Stories are told awe throughout the lands of how he placed an envenomed bolt through Sanhoori’s heart at more than 50 paces.

Chompers Gompers "Dead Eye" Gumbleton

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