KIA - Daedradys Farstride

Peerless tracker & bowman,


Chaotic Good


A steadfast force for good, Farstride knew his beliefs and fought for them with zeal. He was uncompromising in his war with the shadow and would not let anybody, friend or foe stand in his way. He may have rubbed many up the wrong way but he would never leave a friend behind and there are few better with a bow.
A consumate and tireless tracker who could see his way safely through the wilds of Erenland with ease and a implacable foe when set on the trail of an enemy.
It has been heard said that he could put an arrow into orcs heart at 200 yards and his elven crafted glaive’s sting is feared by many.
Tragically he fell into a cunning trap set by an unknown enemy and was torn apart by a pack of enraged gloom hounds. Not the death that a hero deserves but on Erendane few get what they deserve.

KIA - Daedradys Farstride

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