Evana (KIA)

Skilled & courageous fighter... the first to fall


Chaotic Good
Steel Blooded



A superbly skilled melee combatant, Evana was the much needed steel in the party. Unmatched with a blade, she probably accounted for more slain Orcs than half the party put together.

Strong and courageous, like Daedradys she was out-spoken in her views of fighting the Shadow, and never shied from trying to do some good in a world that is overwhelmed by evil.

Though almost killed fighting the Legate Jael, she was saved by Farstride’s innate ability to heal and never let her near death experience keep her from the front line of battle. She proved her worth many times over during the running battles with the Orcs in the hills near Romsey and at the Battle of Iron Top itself, helping to hold the line and engaging Barrak himself in single combat.

The first of the heroes to fall, she went down fighting during the rescue of Daedradys and Ghompers, while covering the party’s escape against overwhelming numbers. The party was unable to recover her body and she was assumed slain.

Needless to say, in a place like Erendane, her skills- and almost as importantly- her ideals, are sorely missed.

Evana (KIA)

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