Fang (KIA)

That's a BIG dog


Adult Wogren (Medium sized, Magical Beast)
Animal Companion
Neutral Good



This wogren, found by Daedradys Farstride, was the sole survivor of an orcish attack on a group of nomadic halflings. The animal had survived the attack, but just barely and was close to death.

Ignoring calls to just “put the creature out of its misery and let’s keep moving”, Daedradys spared the wogren and spent the next few days slowly nursing it back to health.

Having shared his own food with the creature, his efforts were met with ridicule when, fully recovered, the creature bounded away. However over the next week, the wildlander noticed a shadowy form tailing the party across the plains. Approaching the beast once more, he held out his hand and, much to his relief, the wogren tentatively sniffed it and then gave it a lick of approval.

After that, the two were inseparable. Fang followed the wildlander while hunting & scouting and guarded him while he slept. Loyal and ferocious, it helped the party through a number of fights and was as good a sentry, if not better, than any of the rest of the party.

When Daedradys was paralyzed by the magics of the Legate Jael, Fang did not hesitate to rush his defense. Not only did his barks of alarm and anger wake the rest of the party, but the sheer ferocity of his attacks stopped Jael in his tracks. And although mortally wounded during this course of action, it purchased vital time for the rest of the party to scramble and fully engage the Legate, and Fang died mere moments after Jael was slain.

After the wounds of the party were healed, and the Dragon Scroll delivered, Fang was buried in the Caraheen with all honours, by Daedradys and Caransil wildlanders who accompanied him.

Fang (KIA)

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