Isiah Forstall (SLAIN)

You think to stand before me when the very masters of the temple tremble at my presence?


Dorn (?)
Legate / Redeemer
Neutral Evil (?)



A nephew to Andre Bellard, Isiah proved himself through dedication to Izrador and was raised to the rank of Redeemer.

A shadowy sect within the temple, little is known about The Redeemers but rumor says that they exist to keep the church pure and redeem the souls of those who fall out of Izrador’s favor or worse, spurn the church. One thing is certain, they are accorded the greatest respect by all members of the church regardless of rank and have great power and forces at their disposal.

After learning of the Trevisse involvement in discrediting the Bellards, he pressured Harald Trevisse into betraying Erik Bwitzer, even after the retainer himself had double crossed the heroes and lured them into an ambush, in the hope that such assistance would protect himself and his master from any fallout from being involved in defacing the Bellard tapestry.

Despite being wounded, first by Erik in a final moment of furious resistance,and then by the fiery magics of Dross, Isiah almost captured the silver tongued channeler and the wily Gumbleton, however, with the aid of Narcissa and members of the Avenging Knives they managed to escape the Bluff and evade further pursuit.

The next time he encountered the party however, would be his last- he lured the heroes into an ambush in the wilderness of central Erenland, confident in the abilities of himself and his elite bodyguard, and the powerful enchantments that imbued their weapons and armour. However, the one thing he had not counted upon, was the deadly skills of the party’s newest member, the jungle elf Abraxis Quickblade.

The elf’s razor sharp sepi knives took off one of the bodyguard’s leg in all of two swings, bypassing the armour and severing the limb at the knee. Lying maimed and stricken on the ground, the once powerful warrior was quickly dispatched, leaving his master, perhaps not out-classed, but certainly outnumbered. The Legate managed to resist one of Dross’ more potent spells but regardless, was soon slain in a more conventional method- being surrounded and hacked to death in a furious melee.

Their bodies were swiftly searched, then decapitated, and their remains left unburied, to rot in the heat of the unnatural summer.

Isiah Forstall (SLAIN)

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