Kol Anarch

The people of Erenland are not finished yet...


A Kings Herald of old, Kol Anarch fights once more for Erenland through the Wardens of Erenland.
The Wardens mystical connection to the lands of Erendane tells them that the world is dying and the time of Izrador’s final victory draws nigh. Desperate to stop this they now work to build an army in secret across the lands to snatch power from the vital lands which provide so much food and supplies to Izradors war effort.

Working to these ends out of Iron Top, Kol is now slowly mustering men, weapons and supplies for the uprising. He has tasked the party to three important tasks – Place a puppet noble in control of the lands of the east, Kill or disable the fearsome Orc commander Azgoduk to cause chaos in the ranks of The Shattered Hands Legion and convince The Hunter and his men to fight alongside their cause.

Kol Anarch

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