Master Kerberos

You have roused my interest...




A powerful legate, Kerberos commands an elite force of Legates who have been tasked with rooting out what little magic is left in Aryth. Kerberos has a lot of freedom in his actions and few within the temple attempt to assail his position because of his fearsome powers, loyal followers and most importantly his work has gained him the favour of Ardherin. Sanhoori was counte as one of Kerberos’ most loyal followers.

His work has uncovered many lost and hidden magical weapons and talismans and perhaps the worst losses are in the Arcane Nexus’ he has uncovered and had drained for The Shadow’s dark purposes.

Although Kerberos’ reach is long but he spends most of his time within Theros Obscura in Highwall. Here in the heart of the temples power he runs his operations and he researches in the massive libraries of stolen tomes. Rarely will he leave to oversee a particularly important operation or take the reins if things have gone awry.

Master Kerberos

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