Sanhoori of Kalkashi (SLAIN)

Implacable and deadly.





Sanhoori’s first encounter with the party was with Daedradys after her men captured him in the wilds of Erenland. She soon linked him with the rumors of a group of self styled heroes who had been causing a lot of trouble in Erenland. Soon this was confirmed when Chompers landed in her cells but before she could do any worse the remaining members of the party launched an attack on her compound and liberated them.

Wounded she sent her best men after them as they fled into the wilderness but much to her chagrin the party avoided them. However, working from information gleaned from both the group and the corpse of Evana she headed to Mithleen in hopes of intercepting them. Through her network of agents and informants she located the group swiftly and waited for her chance to pounce.

As the party entered and successfully navigated the hazards of the Library Sanhoori lead a force of Orcs accompanied by a Razor to arrest them. In the following confrontation the party realised that they had no hope of victory and instead chose to flood The Library to save it from the hands of The Shadow. Not even this was enough to stop the tenacious Legate and through support of her dark lord and her own resourcefulness she made it out and continued the hunt.

Once again the parties plans were betrayed, this time by a double agent, and Sanhoori was able to glean their final destination. Waiting in Mithleen she gathered her best to her and then set out for the Ashenfeld, hiding until Dross was engaged in the ritual to bind Polaliel to Aerial.

All seemed doomed for the party as Sanhoori’s dark magic and her forces pressed them hard but the tide was turned when Chompers seized upon an opening and with incredible bravery crept up on the legate and put an envenomed cross bow bolt in her back.

Crippled and dying she fought to the last, however upon the return of Dross, she soon fell to his powerful magics. Her astriax was never found and one can only assume it fled back to inform some darker forces of Sahnoori’s failure. Whose interest this has aroused only time will tell.

Sanhoori of Kalkashi (SLAIN)

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