The Hunter

The Orcs, the Legates... They don't fear us... I think its time they did.


Pale Legate (?)
Chaotic Neutral


Little is known of this man’s history but he has built a dark reputation for himself and his men. Known to the Orcs, Legates and townsfolk alike, when The Hunter strikes he leaves nothing but corpses in his wake and shows no mercy when dealing with turncoats and informants. More than once corpses have turned up at garrison and temple doors with his mark on them. The Hunter trusts few and works towards his own agenda, whatever that may be.

The Hunter is trusted by Kol Anarch, who had tasked the party to ask him to fight for them in their upcoming plans for making war on the Shadow.

Recently it was implied, by the journal of Isiah Forstall, that The Hunter may be a fallen legate. It is believed the Legate Redeemer himself had been sent to capture him, however with his demise, its appears this danger has passed.

After proving their mettle to him, The Hunter has agreed to help the party, by rallying the local wildlanders in the area and preparing them for war. His men have already assisted the party in battle on a number of occasions, helping them to slay both Orc and Legate alike.

And while much about this man remains a mystery, his knowledge of the Shadow and insight to its workings will likely prove a great advantage in any efforts made towards defeating it.

The Hunter

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