Xan (KIA)

Quick and agile martial artist.... he lived fast and died young


Chaotic Good



Taken on by Ghomper’s as a deck hand and bodyguard, he was first encountered by the party as they journeyed upon the gnomish captain’s ship, “The Salty Mouthful”. Though initially quiet and reserved, the goodness of his nature quickly became apparent and he opted to journey with, and assist, the party after their voyage aboard the vessel was prematurely ended by a Shadow naval patrol.

Incredibly quick and agile, he was easily the fastest of the heroes and almost always the first to react to danger. A proficient acrobat and adept martial artist, this nimble Jungle Elf would often literally jump into combat, the speed and grace of his movements making skilled Orcish warriors seem sluggish and clumsy by comparison.

Though traveling unarmed initially raised some eyebrows among a party that was armed to the teeth, any doubts to his combat prowess were dispelled after watching him incapacitate and kill heavily armed and armored enemies, with nothing more than his bare hands and feet. Many were the Orcs, left dazed & senseless by the beatings of this Elf. With strikes capable of blinding and stunning his enemies, any adversary who underestimated this agile hero never usually had the chance to learn from their mistake.

He was killed in the Gloom Hound ambush, fighting alongside his comrade Daedradys, and his soul has now joined with the Eternal spirits.

Xan (KIA)

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