Durian's Shield


Durian’s Shield is worn as a cloak (because it is one!)

(NOTE: This item cannot be equipped by characters of any Evil alignment)

6th level: the cloak imparts +2 Deflection bonus to the wearer’s AC

7th level: the cloak allows the wearer to cast the Shield (+4 Shield bonus to AC) spell upon himself one per day, as a spell like ability, with a caster level equal to character level

8th level: the cloak’s Deflection bonus to AC increases to +3

9th level: the cloak becomes “charged” and the first time each day an enemy strikes the wearer in melee combat, that enemy suffers 3d6 electrical damage, as per the spell Shocking Grasp (no save, although electrical or spell resistance can reduce or negate the damage)

10th level: the cloak’s Deflection bonus to AC increases to +4

11th level: the wearer is constantly under the effects of a Freedom of Movement spell


Created by the wizard Durian to protect him in his fights with the Orcs this cloak affords its wearer defense from both ranged and melee assaults.

The cloak was discovered by the party in the hellish lair of a Kyton, who was residing in the dwarven hold within Iron Top. The party had been tasked with investigating the hold to discover what was causing the disappearances of several of Iron Top’s halfling residents.

After destroying the Kyton and “cleansing” the hold, the cloak was claimed by Daedradys Farstride, who slowly discovered its powers, and made good use of it’s protective qualities.

However even this powerful cloak was not enough to save him, and his death has resulted in the cloak’s loss too. But even at the time of his death, the cloaks full powers were yet to be realized, and there is no doubt this item would be a major boon to the person who finds it.

Durian's Shield

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