Elenial's Quiver


The quiver itself is made of fine leather and stitched with the sinew of a dire bear.

As long as its wearer wields a shortbow or longbow of some kind, the quiver will always have at least one arrow in it. In addition, Elenial’s quiver grants the following abilities to its wearer.

2nd Level: The wearer gains use of the Rapid Shot feat.

4th Level: All concealment miss chances are reduced by 10% when firing arrows from the quiver.

6th Level: Once per day, the quiver can cast magic weapon on all arrows inside it (the quiver holds up to 20 arrows) as a 3rd-level channeler.


This magical quiver is woven into the legend of Elenial, an elf girl who took bloody revenge on the Shadow’s minions who murdered her family, and today it bears her name in lorebooks across Eredane. Saddened by the girl’s plight and enraged by the foul orcs and corrupt men who slashed and burned their way through the elven forest, the spirits of the wood enchanted the girl’s quiver to aid her in her quest for revenge. Elenial failed to notice this magical aid in her bloodlust, and the orcs who cut her down simply left the quiver to rot with her body where she fell.

More recently, this fabled quiver was recovered from the body of the elvish fighter, Eirinn, after he was killed fighting Stone Golems in defence of his charge, Rhiann. And though the quiver has its own place in elvish history, it was then awarded to the rogue, Narcissa, by the Witch Queen, Aradil, for her service in helping to deliver the Dragon Case to Erethor. Since then, it’s abilities have allowed Narcissa to slay many, many Orcs with its arrows.

Elenial's Quiver

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