Ironbeard's Misery

Born of pain and suffering these wraps bring the same.

weapon (melee)

Ironbeard’s Misery (The Fire Lashes)

both straps must be worn to gain the below benefits, They are wrapped around the forearms down to the hands and take up the gauntlet/glove & bracer/bracelet slots.

2nd level – Character gains the fear improved unarmed strike. If they already have this feat or a similar class ability they gain +1 bonus to attack and damage when using unarmed strikes.

4th level – The characters unarmed strike now ignores 3 points of damage reduction. If the character already has an ability that allows them to bypass damage reduction (defenders precise strike ability) then the two stack.

7th level – The characters unarmed strikes now count as having a +1 enchantment bonus

9th level – The characters unarmed strike gains the Flaming enchantment (+1d6 fire damage every successful hit) however unlike the enchantment the straps are not constantly flaming and only activate upon a hit. At this time a thick, purple-red flaming demon’s blood drips from the hands of the wielder.

12th level – The characters unarmed strikes now gain the Flaming Burst enchantment, dealing an additional 1d10 fire damage on a successful critical hit in addition to the usual 1d6. When this is activated a gory explosion of flaming demon blood erupts from the point of impact, coating both the character and his target in flaming sticky blood (IE napalm) the character wearing the straps is immune to this fire.


During the second war against Izrador, many of the dwarven settlements within the Kaladrun Mountains were overrun by the orcs that poured out of the north. Even while the defenders of Eredane fought many battles along the Fortress Wall, Izrador’s orcs slaughtered the hated dwarves. Whether or not this was ordered by Izrador or whether it was merely a tolerated
vendetta, the dwarven population took heavy casualties and was driven even deeper into the mountains. One of the greatest battles of this “war within a war” was the defense of Sald Nor, a dwarven city that surrounded a deep subterranean lake. Sald Nor’s forges were legendary, and its proximity to the lake and a deep vein of mithral ore made it one of the most prosperous and productive settlements in the dwarven kingdoms. When the orcs appeared,
Sald Nor was ready, and its defenders held strong for several days. The orcs, however, just kept coming. They had with them demons that could move the very stone, creating new
passageways within the mountain and sealing off dwarven retreats. Eventually the sheer numbers of orcs were simply too much for the doomed city to bear. The orcs sacked the city
and captured its leaders. One such leader, Rudik Ironbeard, was captured by a pair of the demonic invaders and taken to a private chamber to be tortured. For three days and nights he suffered the blades and enchantments of the beasts, until finally they gave him the choice to endure more suffering or to end his own life. Rudik’s strength and mind were nearly gone, and the futility of his plight and the loss of his city had driven him into a deep depression. He told the demons that he would suffer no more. The buckles on the leather straps that bound him
fell open and the sorrowful dwarf used them to strangle himself. The powerful emotions and lingering demonic magic infused the straps with magical power.
Found by the dwarf Mal of the Turgars in his search for powerful artifacts for The Wardens of Erenland but lost when he perished within The Ashenfeld. The party recovered them during their travels in the area and they were put to great use by Xan. Once more they have been lost with the death of Xan, perhaps a lingering curse comes with their power.

Ironbeard's Misery

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