The Glaive of Daedradys

weapon (melee)

Masterwork Glaive, crafted with exotic materials and buffed with a +1 enchantment bonus

Base damage: 1d10

Enchantment damage: +1
Materials bonus: +1 (darkwood)
Total damage: 1d10 +2

Attack roll bonus: +2 (mithral)
Total attack roll bonus: +3 (enchantment bonus & mithral)

Additional bonuses
Initiative bonus: +2 (mithral)


A gift to the wildlander, Daedradys Farstride, for his assistance bringing the Dragon Case to Erethor, this weapon was personally crafted and enchanted by Aradil herself.

Using the newly gained benefits of mithral forging, this magnificent weapon sports a mithral head, atop a darkwood haft.

The weapon itself is beautiful to behold; its polished haft is the black-green colour of darkwood and its blade shines flawlessly, as only mithral can.

As far as practicality is concerned, the weapon is a masterpiece. Fantastically light in weight, the blade is perpetually sharp, and able to cut through the thickest and strongest of armors with ease.

Daedradys’ use of the glaive was cut short, though in his relatively short time using it, he was still able put the weapon to good use. He personally accounted for the slaying of dozens of Orcs, and scores more Goblins and Fell.

It was last seen thrust haft first into a scorched patch of earth, somewhere in central Erenland, with the blood of Gloom Hounds staining its blade, and the severed head of a Gloom Hound itself, impaled on it- the last symbol of defiance of a tragically doomed hero.

The Glaive of Daedradys

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