The Spell Rock

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A rock which can store up to 4 points of arcane spell energy, usable by channelers and spell casters. It is “rechargeable”, however if at anytime all 4 points of spell energy are used, the rock is totally consumed.


A reward to Dross Shetland by the Witch Queen, Aradil, for aiding in the transportation of the Dragon Case to Erethor. From the Witch Queen’s scrying pool the stone has absorbed many years of magical energy and has become a store for such powers.

Dross was initially disappointed by his gift and jealous of the rewards given to the other party members. However this ordinary looking rock has proved its worth many times, when the channeler has drained his own reserves of spell energy. This was the case in the aftermath of the Battle of Iron Top, when Dross was able to use the spell energy of the rock to help heal some of the wounded survivors.

As it is innately magical in nature (and not arcane), it is not detectable by astiraxs nor visable to any magic divination spells, such as Detect Magic.

The Spell Rock

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