Tunic of Elvenkind


The wear of this garment gains the benefit of the spell Endure Elements, as a constant effect.

As this item is imbued with innate magic, its effects cannot be detected by Astiraxes or divination magics.


While on his third tour of duty, and despite his strong survival skills, Abraxis struggled to adjust to the bitter cold of Erethor’s icy north. This was not really all that surprising, considering he hailed from the hot and humid jungles of the south.

And although they welcomed his blades, the Erunsil warriors had serious (and probably justified) doubts about whether their Danisil brother would even survive exposure to such cold, while on extended patrols with them in the Veradeen.

Abraxis was gifted this tunic, in exchange for some herbs which grew only in the Aruun (and thus, were quite hard to come by in Erethor’s far north), by a bemused Erunsil druid, who took pity on him after the local elven warriors gave him the nick-name “Shivers”.

After donning the tunic, Abraxis happily gave away the layers of furs he had been relying on for warmth. And as he was no longer so encumbered, he surprised even the Erunsil with his stealthiness and knife fighting prowess.

And even though he is far from the cold of the Veradeen now, the tunic is still useful in helping the elf ignore the effects of this unnaturally long and hot summer. More recently the tunic proved invaluable while the party searched for the mythical Starfall. As the party climbed to its icy perch, the temperature plummeted, with horrendous blizzards besetting the heroes. Only Abraxis was unaffected, allowing him to concentrate on guiding the party, help shield them from the elements, and keep them alive as they climbed.

Tunic of Elvenkind

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