Those who fight

Erenland Gazetteer 2
Murder! Madness! Mayhem! When will the horror end??

Hot on the heels of our troubles at the guild of weavers and before any justice could be brought against Garth Moorstoop’s killers The Bluff erupted in unparalleled violence on the day of The Prince’s birthday!

Sources from inside The Temple have it that a resistance cell, united under the banner of “Dross “The Boss” Shetland”, were responsible for the chaos caused last Thursday! These resistance fighters were to be arrested but turned tail and charged into the thronging streets. These stories of “The Boss” were later confirmed when Horik Bellard unveiled a tapestry for the prince which had been defaced by the same group.

Marl Hogsworth, A local butcher, described the terrifying scene as the rebels charged through his business pursued by the city watch.

“Well I heard this commotion down in the yard, there was chickens squarking and people shouting and pigs squealing…I look out my window and catch sight of three goblins dashing under the pig bridge, that’s what we call the brige we move the pigs on, and then four or five fellas and maybe a lady chasing them…I swear I saw one of them punt Old Samos, my prize winning rooster! But then these bastards stop and come back and they knock down my pig bridge!! Oh you should have heard the noise, all those hogs with broken trotters…”

The last time they were seen they were leaving town on a stolen wagon and there have been no leads to their whereabouts since. Little is known about the identity of these blackguards but one of the bodies found at the arrest site matched the description of those who attacked the guild of weavers.

One thing is for sure, these dangerous folk are still on the loose and this reporter now plans to take to the trail and track their movements! With my trusty steed and my quill and parchment I will send weekly dispatches back to the offices of The Erenland Gazetteer for you, the good citizens of Erenland, to remain informed.

This is Edmond Edmondson, roving reporter for the Erenland Gazetteer, signing off.

Session 2 22/4/2011
Why does it Dross when I pee?

With all their goals accomplished and the tapestry about to be unveiled at the prince’s birthday party Dross, Chompers and Narcissa chose this time to make their escape.

Turning to Harald Travesse for assistance he readily gave them a way out of The Bluff, not wanting their names to be linked to his when everything went awry, or at least so he said.

However, Erik the Travesse retainer, had ascertained their true identities and had gone to his master and the legates with the information. He was instructed to bring the party to a warehouse owned by the Travesse family, under the guise of them joining a wagon train soon to leave the city and here they would be apprehended and brought to Izrador’s justice.

Erik’s plan did not pan out as he expected, his attempt to implicate The Bellard family with the parties activities was noticed by Isiah Forstall a legate and cousin of The Bellards. He took over control of the investigation and went to Harald who chose to cut Erik loose to save his own skin.

The arrest failed when Erik snapped, cornered and hopeless his street fighting instincts took control and he launched himself at the enemy. While they were distracted Chompers set fire to the warehouse and the party made good their escape.

As they made the streets they were met by Narcissa and some of her allies from the Avenging Knives and they made a mad dash through the streets to run down three messengers who were dispatched to have the gates locked down. Their actions roused The Drake from its watch atop the keep and soon the streets were cleared as its dark shadow swept over the city. Although there were many civilian casualties luck on their side the party commandeered a wagon and took to the country.

From here they set out for Rill, a small troubled town in the south east of Erenland. Here they found Ayla in the care of Goss, a Warden of Erenland dispatched to make contact with the party and meet with an important elven emissary. Locating the elves was easy as they found the party first and soon Abraxis Quickblade joined the group. After a brief scuffle with Oren, a local brigand and alchemist, which resulted in the death of most of his men. They forced him to no longer supply the town’s people with his addictive alchemical substances.

From here they traveled west, tracking the movements of The Hunter in the hopes of catching up with him and forging an alliance. Their hunt took them through several villages and they found that few were willing to discuss the topic and those that did gave contradictory information. Following information across The Ardune they have tracked the most recent stories to Dorgo’s Dell, a small town above Mithleen. Enroute they encountered a group of twenty Orcish slavers who had a single human captive. Following the party have found a large slaver outpost on the shore and inspection has shown them to have many Halfling slaves.

Now they wait, deciding weather to attack and try and liberate the slaves and the human captive or to forge on and hope that there was nothing important left behind.

Erenland Gazetter
The streets are not safe!!

Murder! Vicious killers stalk the streets of Badens Bluff!

Last night the watch came upon a most disturbing scene outside the weavers guild house. Six men have been found murdered in what is being described as a drunken altercation by the authorities but this journalist has seen the carnage first hand and believes that foul play is at hand! A witness has described the violence as extraordinary, six armed and tough guardsmen taken apart by half their number. The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he would have raised the alert sooner but was terrified that if he showed himself he would soon find himself amongst the dead.

Old Garth Moorstoop was among the murdered, found opened from navel to sternum by a vicious knife wound. Due to retire in just a week hence Garth was known to be a friendly and reasonable man, what kind of monster would visit such violence upon a well loved member of the community such as him? If those who perpetrated this heinous crime are reading this, know that Garth’s widow weeps for your actions.

Who indeed is responsible for these deaths? What was there for them to gain from this butchery? Nothing has been found amiss in the guild house and thus it seems to point to personal vengeance or perhaps the work of some criminal gang bent on anarchy. Or perhaps misdirected resistance reprisal killings?

Witnesses describe the three assailants as men as of most unwholesome appearance. A grim, scarred fellow carrying a knife and smile like an open wound. A burly, sackcloth clothed ruffian wielding a chair leg and a lanky fellow in bright minstrels tights and a ridiculous three tiered hat who was wielding a whip.

If you know anybody who matches these descriptions go at once to the watch as the sooner they are arrested and brought to justice the sooner we will all be safe.

This is Edmond Eddmondson of the Erenland Gazetter signing off.

Session 1 27/02/11
I was trying to knock him out...with my knife.

After weeks of careful planning, subterfuge and restraint the party finally put their plans to defame and shame the Bellard family into action.

After scaring away the famous cook, Christian Rochae, which the Bellard family had hired for their soiree Dross then used his influence to install Chompers as the new cook for the party. Chompers, not daunted by his lack of cooking skills, took command of the kitchen and consummately fouled every dish and took his exit through an upstairs window before he could be held accountable for the possible poisoning of the noblemen and women present.

As the sounds of horror and churning stomachs reached into the night Narcissa took her chance and slipped into the Bellard mansion to collect evidence of some of the families dirty dealings. However, her search was cut short when she ran into Karl Haymaan on a similar mission from the Avenging Knives. Karl had taken the distraction the dinner party provided as a chance to steal vital information from the legate Isiah Forstall’s room in the mansion but he ran afoul of Forstall’s astirax and was on the verge of death when Narcissa found him. He thrust the stolen journal pages into her hand and with his dying breath bid her take them to Jen Alamasi.

Chompers and Narcissa then proceeded to track down the Avenging Knives leader Jen in the sewers beneath the bluff and after almost being torn apart by the filth encrusted Fell which inhabit the underground they passed on the information contained in the crumpled journal pages. It revealed that Isiah Forstall had come to Erenland to hunt down a renegade legate who goes by the pseudonym “The Hunter”

The next phase of their plan saw the party locating and then attempting to steal or at least deface the great tapestry which the Bellards had commissioned for the prince. A monumental work, it showed the prince as the rightful heir to the seat of Baden’s Bluff. In an attempt to draw the guards away, Lance and the other Travesse retainers assisting the party picked a fight with the guards at the warehouse. This escalated out of hand when one guard, in a desperate attempt to defend himself, pulled a dagger and seconds later Elriks’s filleting knife was dripping with red gore and all six guards lay dead or dying on the ground. Needless to say Narcissa and Chompers had ample time to deface the tapestry and slip away before more guards arrivied.

Their tasks almost concluded the party have gone to ground to avoid the shadow patrols, now increased in number, however they have yet to find any evidence to implicate the Bellard’s with the attacks on the Travesse caravans. They have little time left as in only two days the tapestry will be shown before the court and over The Prince’s own name, "Dross “The Boss” Shetland" is now crudely painted.


Crown of Shadow Campaign – Dross, Narcissa, Daedradys and Evana

Successfully navigated the continent, survived an attack by the Legate Jael, and delivered the scroll containing important information (the process to smelt and forge Mithraal) to Aradil, the Witch Queen of Erethor.

Iron top – Dross, Narcissa, Daedradys, Evana, Xan and Chompers

The party saved the villagers of Romsey and the Halflings of Iron Top from the hands of the Orc commander Barrak the Scarred. They succeeded in cleaning out the mines below the old Dwarven forge of Iron Top and have turned it into a rare haven and smithy. After fighting a tactical retreat through the hills near Romsey, killing scores of Orcs as they went, the party and their Halfling allies fought a pitched, do-or-die battle, against the remaining enemy. However, when they brought down a cliff face on Barrak and his legion they unwittingly unleashed a powerful force which had been trapped in the mountain aeons ago.

The Library and Polaliel – Dross, Narcissa, Daedradys, Evana, Xan and Chompers (and introducing Ayla)

The party were tasked by Kol Anarch of the Wardens of Erenland to find an ancient library somewhere in the region of the Ardune lake, rumored to be in the city of Mithleen. They also hoped to find knowledge there which would lead to information on whatever it was they had released and help them contain it.

However after Daedradys and, later, Ghompers were captured by the forces of Sanhoori, the party became lost and had little hope of finding their way to their missing friends. Since their departure Xan had suffered painful headaches which always accompanied a strange voice in his head, this voice offered him information on the location of their friends. Using these directions they managed to free both Farstride and Gumbleton as well as the strange barbarian girl, Ayla. This rescue attempt was not without cost however, with Evana falling to the enemy under overwhelming numbers, and presumed slain.

Pressing on with their mission, the party discovered the whereabouts of the Library after making a deal with the vampire, Matthias. They managed to get into the Library and discover the books they sought before barely escaping alive after being attacked once more by the implacable Sanhoori and her minions. In the ensuing fight, the spirit offered Xan a deal, his strength for assistance and it manifested physically to aid their retreat. During their escape, in an attempt to kill Sanhoori once and for all, the party tripped a trap, flooding the Library and, apparently, drowning all within.

Escaping from Mithleen with their prizes, the party encountered Matthias and his spawn, and gave him the information he sought. In the following weeks, the spirit which had provided such ready assistance so far revealed itself to be the same as which they freed in the Kaldrun Moutains, the outsider Polaliel. It beseeched them to undertake a spirit journey so it could communicate with them more easily. In this journey it asked them to find a suitable vessel for it to possess, in return for ancient knowledge of the arcane. This vessel was a young girl, who would become a powerful channeler whom Polaliel could share bodies and help to protect her from The Shadows hounds. Assuming the guise of servants of the Shadow, the party removed the girl from her village and traveled with her, deep into the Ashenfeld, a harsh and dangerous place warped by magical energies. There Dross began a ritual to install the spirit of Polaliel into its new vessel.

However while this ritual was taking place, the tenacious Sister Legate Sanhoori, attacked the party once more, under the cover of both natural and magical darkness. A frantic battle followed, in which Ghompers took revenge for the torture he suffered at Sanhoori’s hands, ambushing the Legate and shooting her with an envenomed cross bolt. Severely weakened by wounds and poison, and with her minions slain or dying, she fell easily to the powerful magics of Dross, who had completed the ritual and returned to assist the party.

With Polaliel once more wreathed in flesh, it began to share his arcane knowledge with Dross, after ensuring that no harm would come to the girl it possessed. The party returned the child to her village and then traveled back to Iron Top, to deliver both knowledge and hope, to the Warden Kol.

After rest and debrief, he then outlined plans for a course of action far beyond anything they had previously undertaken.

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