The Wardens of Erenland

The Kings Herald’s of old were a force of justice in the world, Traveling far and wide across Erenland they would visit villages and towns to bring both news and law. They spoke with the kings voice and were judge, jury and when needed executioner. Respected and revered by the people of Erenland only the most trusted and loyal men were chosen for this honour.

Although many perished in battle during the closing of the third age those that survived went back to the lands without purpose and became despondent wanderers. For many years nothing was heard of these Heralds but slowly they formed a mystical attachment to the lands and found themselves guided by Erendane to each other.

Now they are known as “The Wardens of Erenland” to the few who know their cause and more often called “The Old Men”. They have once again taken up their duties as even without a king to serve their people are still in dire need of help. They travel the lands, blending in to tell tales of the glory of old to rekindle hope and standing and fighting to save their people when they are in peril. The Warden’s hands can be found behind many of the small uprisings which happen across the lands.

Their connection to the lands has told them of something far worse – Izrador’s time of victory is growing close and soon there will be no hope to dislodge his power. So The Wardens have come up with a desperate strategy – Rebellion. The lands of Erenland are lightly controlled by the forces of The Shadow and yet they yield to his armies enormous amounts of food and supplies, if these lines could be halted the Orcs besieging the Elves and Dwarves would be cut off and the war would grind to a halt. Perhaps even the Fey would have a chance to fight back! To this end they are rallying support and quietly stockpiling weapons and armour for the people. The Wardens believe that the people of Erenland will rise up and fight if given a chance and with those numbers lead by strong figures of the resistance they can snatch back control for long enough to make a difference.

The Wardens of Erenland

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