“How easy to fly the white flag and give up,
But would I run today just to die another day,
Give up now and every fight has been in vain.”

In Erendane there are two choices; live under the yolk of The Shadow or fight.

This is the story of the few who take up arms to fight for more than survival in these harsh times. Regardless if its for their lands, their peoples or themselves they have made their choice and now they stand against the overwhelming darkness.

Scorned by those they would protect, labeled trouble makers by their would-be allies our heroes have chosen to live apart and forge their own path. And so far, they’re doing okay.

Yet the threat of the Shadow looms ever present, and growing worse day by day. In the East and West, the Dwarves and Elves are under constant siege, steadily being pushed back by ever increasing waves of Orcs and other horrors. The people of Erenland feel the effect of starvation more keenly as the Legates take greater and greater tithes, while disease outbreaks stricken entire communities. Even the land itself suffers, wilting beneath the sinister, endless drought.

But even now, airs of unrest has begun to stir. The people, inspired by the few remaining heroes, dare to remember the times when they lived free, their land ruled by its rightful king. If this sentiment could be incited further, the peoples of Erenland, indeed Erendane, could have the best chance they might have left, to rise up against the Shadow one more time and fight to loose the shackles of its hold. For is it not better to die standing than to live on your knees?

Those who fight

Dishleigh Theboss Julius Kay